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What is Involved in a Wetroom Installation

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  • 07-03-2017
What is Involved in a Wetroom Installation

What is Involved in a Wetroom Installation

A wetroom is a modernised concept for shower and bathroom design. The bathroom area is tiled throughout with the same material type like in a shower. It also has no shower tray as it is leveled with the other area of flooring.

Now, what are those things involved in a wetroom installation? One of the significant points to consider in the installation of wetroom is waterproofing. One will have to decide if it needs to be waterproofed or tanked.

A gradient must also be created just like a sub-floor to be installed from WBP ply. In the final method, it might need a giant tray that slopes to the drain. It must also be fitted across the floor before requiring tiling.

Priming the floor is also another consideration after the wetroom installation. The whole area and the lower section of the walls need to go through the process of priming using a syrupy membrane. When all have been set properly, the room is now considered as tiled. 

Moreover, the cost of the installation also needs to be taken into consideration. If you will pay a company to install and tank a wet room, shower, suite and floor-to-ceiling tiles, you could expect to pay more for the service. 

There are also retailers out there that can offer you some significant ideas about it. They may also sell some little extras that are needed for the completion of the wet room. 

Tiling your wetroom

The types of tiles also need to be emphasised in the things to be considered. It is also good news that with us, we can offer you a list of tile fitting options for your wetroom. The options could range from sheet vinyl, ceramic, marble, limestone, slate, porcelain and more.

These tiles may need sealing to help prevent water damage. In this regard, we can suggest using floor tiles that are only intended for bathrooms.

It is, therefore, necessary to ask help from us since we have a pool of qualified and expert people in the area. We offer the best quality tile fitting throughout   Shepherds Bush and the surrounding areas. 

See more examples of our work by contacting us today. We can prove to you that we will meet your unique needs. With our involvement and dedication to the job, we believe that we can meet your standards and preferences.

Thinking of installing a wet room in your home is good. Just consider all those things involved in a wetroom installation!