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Wet Room Tiling
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If you are looking for wet room tiling in London you want to be sure that your wetroom installation is completed by a business you can trust.

Ross Tiling Ltd are members of the Tile Association with many years experience fitting wetroom tiling.

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Wetrooms Installation

The introduction of wetrooms across the UK has heralded a change to bathrooms as we know it.

Wetrooms are growing in popularity. This is possibly due to the fact that they provide a versatile shower space that can really work with your family life.

Wet Room Tiling In Shepherds Bush West London

But What is a Wetroom?

Wetrooms are practical walk-in shower areas for your bathroom. They are particularly useful for those who are disabled, have mobility issues or simply cannot step up into a shower cubicle or bath.

They are designed on a slight slope which allows the water to drain away from the unit. Inside the walk-in section is a shower unit with controls that are attached to a tiled wall.

Wetrooms are functional on a range of levels. They are a space saver, ideal for smaller bathrooms. They are also easy to keep clean. Not only this, but they can even increase the value of your home when it comes to selling it on.

Fitting Wetroom Tiles

If you are looking to create a wetroom in your home, then Ross Tiling Ltd can help. Based in West London, we have experience in a variety of aspects of tiling, including wet rooms.

We will complete your job not only to the highest quality but also ensure that it has minimal disruption to your life.

We only ever use the best tools, materials and finishings. This is to ensure that you are left with a wetroom that not only looks great but also will last a lifetime too.

Here at Ross Tiling Ltd, we provide a high level of customer service, so that our customers feel at ease. We have years of experience, so our services are high-quality, and we ensure our customers have all their queries and questions answered.

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Why Should I Install a Wet Room?

Having a wet room is so beneficial, as you don't need to worry about your lovely bathroom tiles getting ruined, as these tiles are protected and suitable for their purpose.

They are so much easier to clean, and you don't need a tray for your shower, or anything surrounding it.

How Much Does Tiling a Wetroom Cost?

The cost of tiling a wet room will depend on the size of the room itself, and the type of tile you choose. The tiles and installation can cost anything from £400 - £3,000. For a free quote, with no obligations, please give us a call today.

Is my Bathroom the Right Size for a Wet Room?

Any size bathroom can be made into a wet room; you may just need to add extra features to make it work better if your bathroom is on the smaller side.

If you would like some advice about your particular bathroom, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Can I Install a Wet Room Upstairs?

Yes, you can have a wet room either downstairs or upstairs, and they will both work just as well.

If your wet room is going to be on the second floor, you may need to add a few extra features to ensure it is perfect for you and your family.

Do I Need to Waterproof my Wet Room?

Wet rooms are specifically designed to be waterproof, so the tiles used are even waterproof.

Therefore you don't need to worry about your stunning new wet room getting ruined. There is just a drain in the floor where all the water will go.

What Type of Tiles Should I Use?

The best types of tiles to use for your wet room floor are natural stone, mosaic or porcelain.

These are also great for your wet room walls, including ceramic tiles. All these types of tiles give you a stunning and luxury look for your wet room.

What Will I Need for my Wet Room?

You will firstly need to choose the design and tiles for the floor and walls. You then need to choose a showerhead, a screen if you would like one, and you can also add underfloor heating if you want to add luxury.

What Type of Wet Room Drain do I Need?

The drain for a wet room needs to be quite large, as the water isn't just stored in a little tray. A linear grill can be positioned either on the wall or anywhere in the shower area.

A square grill is another style that is suited to a wet room. To figure out which drain you need, you need to work out the flow of your shower water, the tiles you have, and the amount of water that builds up on your floor.

Do I Need a Shower Screen?

It is entirely your choice whether you have a shower screen or not. Wet rooms are specifically designed, so you don't need to have a tray or a screen; however, many people choose to have a screen to add to the overall look.

Can I Have Underfloor Heating?

It is highly recommended to install underfloor heating in your wet room, as it prevents your feet from getting cold, especially on the cold winter mornings, and it also helps the floors dry quicker.

Benefits of a Tiled Wet Room

The top few benefits for wet rooms is they are so helpful for elderly people, and also people with disabilities as they are easy to access and it doesn't involve having to step up into something.

They can also make your bathroom look bigger, and you can make them look absolutely out of this world. Please give us a call today for more advice.

Wet Room Specialists in London

Here at Ross Tiling Ltd, we are experienced and highly trained to ensure our customers receive the best tiling services. We are wet room specialists around our local area.

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