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Do Wet Rooms Add Value To A Home

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  • 30-06-2022
Do Wet Rooms Add Value To A Home

Do wet rooms add value to a home? Many homeowners want to understand the benefits of installing a wet room in their home. This article looks at how a wet room can benefit your family and how does it improve your homes value.

Can a Wet Room Add Value to Your Home?

Having a wet room installed within your home will certainly give the property an extra "wow" factor when it comes to putting premises up on the market. The value will be raised as long as the wet room is installed correctly and has no issues associated with flooding.

However, you will find this is only the case when the wet room is added as an en suite or secondary shower room. If you replace the property's main family bathroom with an ultra-modern wet room, this can backfire on you if you wish to sell your home later in the future.

This is because the majority of buyers will want at least one traditional bathroom in a home, especially if the home is being purchased by a family with children. So you should always think twice before completely removing the bath.

How do Wet Rooms Work?

Wet rooms are defined by their lack of shower screens. Instead, the entire room is one large shower, with shower water being rained down from jets installed across the ceiling. There is no traditional shower tray.

The gradient of the flooring is altered so that water can be drained away. So for obvious reasons, the room needs to be fully waterproof. This means coating the walls in fully waterproof materials. A waterproof membrane is usually used prior to the wall being tiled.

This allows water to simply roll off the walls rather than permeating the plaster and causing rot and mould.In a wet room, there is commonly more than just a shower. Usually, you will find that there is also a sink and toilet installed.

Installing some kind of heating is also important. The most popular choice is underfloor heating, but the more conventional central heating and towel radiator options are still available.

The Benefits Of Having A Wet Room

When it comes time to install a wet room, it is common for the installer to suggest various designs which will enhance the space as well as the wet room's look and feel. A wet room can take an average house and elevate it up to what would be considered to be a luxury home.It is hard to deny the pure opulence and luxuriousness of a wet room.

Walking into the room, turning on your shower, and not having to worry about standing within the shower tray. Additional features and fixtures can also be added to boost the room's comfort. Underfloor heating is a feeling like no other, so soothing and relaxing. If you just want to spice up the visual appeal of your wet room, then there is a whole world of expensive materials and furnishings for you to explore.

Once installed by a well-trained professional, a waterproof membrane will ensure that the new wet room is fully waterproof. This will make sure that no damage is done to your property's floors and walls.

The average cost for a wet room can be reduced simply through the prevention of any future damages to your home through leakages. These leakages can be incredibly expensive to fix and will bring the price of the wet room as a whole up dramatically. Though waterproofing may seem expensive at first, the cost is worth it in the long term.

When compared to the average bathroom, a wet room is much easier to clean. Especially if you have hanging fixtures in your wet room.Even if your wet room does not have any hanging fixtures, such as a sink or a toilet, you can simply use wipes or a mop to wipe down all the surfaces.

Waterproof tiles and materials will ensure that the wet room floor will almost always be clean. Water will drip down from the walls and drain away any debris on the floor down the shower tray.

One of the most exciting parts of having a wet room installed is the design of the whole room is totally decided by you. You can choose the flooring, the tiles, the type of shower tray, and any other additional fixtures you require to complete your dream vision. If your home currently has a small showering space, then this can be transformed into a much larger wet room design just by making some simple tweaks and taking away the shower screen and tray.

One of the most important elements to consider when installing a wet room is the choice of the shower tray, as well as the waterproofing of the wall and floor areas of the wet room. Wet rooms are not cheap, and so for the price that you are paying, you will want to ensure that everything works as it should.

The shower tray should not let water simply sit on the surface of the flooring and should be installed in a way as to make water go down the shower drain. If the shower tray is not properly installed or installed on a slight slant, then it will not be able to drain fully. A shower drain that does not work as intended will leave you with standing water on the flooring, which can lead to mould growth.

A wet room can be an excellent choice for elderly people or people with mobility issues. A wet room can be an excellent choice to ensure that people can have a comfortable and nonintensive washing experience. The additional space is perfect for those who use a wheelchair.

Guide rails, seats, and other additions can also be made to ensure that help is available for those who require it. Waterproof tiling and flooring also make for a safer bathroom, no matter what the situation may be with the specific wet room user.

Is Your Home Suitable for a Wet Room?

It is not common to need any kind of permission before the installation of a wet room begins. 

However, if you live within a listed building, it is wise to seek advice from local planning committees to ensure that you are not breaching any rules.If you are designing a wet room for any kind of new build, then it will absolutely be required to apply for building regulations approval.

Whether your home has a small bathroom or a larger bathroom, a wet room will always be able to be installed. The only variable that you need to consider is the overall wet room cost which can vary from home to home.

In homes with a smaller bathroom, there will be a larger increase in the amount of space gained from the wet room, as there will no longer be a shower tray and shower screen taking up space.

What To Consider when Planning a Wet Room

You need to think very carefully about what goes where when you are planning out a wet room. 

For example, you may think that having a toilet next to the shower area is a good idea. Sounds good in concept. But what do you do when the toilet paper completely disintegrates every time that someone showers?

So perhaps the toilet needs to be installed on the opposite side of the room. Is there any space for a toilet roll holder at all? If there is not, then there is always the option of having a bidet installed. A waterproof toilet roll holder is also another option.

You should also consider if there are any areas of the room where water can become trapped in small gaps, cracks, and holes. Stagnant water can lead to mould and other types of growth. Not the mention unpleasant smells.

Try to ensure that your wet room has surfaces which allow for water to just slip right off. The other major consideration you need to be careful with is wet room leaks. If there are any small mistakes made with the plumbing, then major trouble can be ahead.

Even tiny leaks can cause huge damage. So if your room is not 100% waterproof, then it will not take long until your home begins to show signs of water damage within your walls. For this specific reason, we would always recommend having an experienced and reputable worker carry out all the design and installation work.

If you are considering a wet room installation, you may ask: Do wet rooms add value to a home? We hope this article helped you understand the value that a wetroom can add to your home.

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