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Can a Wetroom be Installed in any Type of House

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  • 24-02-2017
Can a Wetroom be Installed in any Type of House

Can a Wetroom be Installed in any Type of House?

In the proper installation of wetroom, it usually requires consideration and careful planning. Good news, a wetroom can now be designed or installed in any type of house, leisure facility and hotel. 

Theoretically speaking, anyone could have a wet room installed into their house. It could just vary on the type of material such as a paint-on compound, membrane and more. 

There is only a need to buy for quality and good materials and hire for a reputable installer. There will no more be complications to be stressed and worried about. 

Wetroom Tile Fitting

A carefully constructed and designed wetroom will also depend on different elements.    With consideration and careful planning, all these elements will help you end up with a successful wetroom project.

With us, we can present you different tile fitting options for your wetroom. Adding unique tile choices, you can emphasise your design sophistication. 

A wetroom design may also create a showering space that is just a few inch taller as compared to the rest of the floor. It could also be sectioned off with screens.


Without the right waterproofing, there might get a chance that it could leak and could become disastrous. These ensure waterproofing, safety and optimum performance. .

In any type of house, a wetroom could also be installed and designed for as long as one considers the type of floor. The type of floor could be in solid and timber material.

The type of floor will help determine the wetroom products that need to be used and the construction methods to be involved. Whether you like the wet room to be installed as part of refurbishment or a new build, the drainage system will also be required for a floor type.

A timber floor will require a  drainage system. This includes waterproofing membranes below the floorboards. A solid floor may require a unique installation method. This will also depend on whether it will be a retro-fit or newly built wetroom. In this connection, a gradient is required to be created into the floor that uses the screed. 

Now, if you have a small bathroom, a wet room will be a good space-saving solution. This could also be squeezed into the smallest en-suites that help create a usable and practical space. The fittings and fixtures installed could also make the cleaning process easy and fast. 

Now, you have learned more if a wetroom can be installed in any type of house!