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Bathroom Design Options

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  • 24-03-2017
Bathroom Design Options

Bathroom Design Options

Do you want to come up with great bathroom designs? The most important thing that you have to consider when selecting the best design for your bathroom is comfort and convenience. 

Certainly, you can find excellent bathroom design options that you can incorporate in your place. If you're thinking of making some incredible changes in your bathroom space, you can opt to one of these design options below. 

Tile Design

Following the bathroom installation, you will be able to add tiling for your requirements. Adding the perfect tiles can transform your bathroom to your required design.

Open shelving

Instead of placing a large cabinet inside the bathroom, why not install an open shelf for storing towels and all other features. You can choose what material to use for the shelves whether wood, steel or iron depending on your preferences. A colourful shelf will surely add warmth in the space in a modern and fashionable way. You may also add floating shelves to save space.

Handheld Showerhead

Today, it may bizarre for others to have a handheld showerhead.  But this one really makes sense for mobility suitable for every family member. You can use it in a standing or seated position while taking shower. The best thing about it is that it's flexible to any shower system. 

Walk-in Tubs

For easy access and a more relaxing soak, walk-in tubs would be best. You can swing your legs on the side or even sit down on it when you want. However, it can be difficult for you to find something like this because most homeowners prefer other types.

Hands-free or single-handle faucet

A faucet inside the bathroom gives you convenient access to the lavatory. Whether you choose the hands-free or single handle, you will surely get the best of it. The setup is like those in public restrooms. But you can upgrade and come up with your own style suitable to your bathroom space.

Dramatic Ceiling

Install dramatic colours like navy blue and gold in your bathroom ceiling. It may sound different but your goal is not only to have a creative look but a bizarre appearance as well. You can refer to related designs online and pick one that suits your style. 

Adding Tiles

Your bathroom design will not be complete without a high-quality tiling option. You can make the bathroom as individual as you are by fitting the perfect tiles.

For the most impressive finish and quality tiling work, contact  Ross Tiling Ltd  to consider your options. We can install any tiles of your choosing so that you can achieve the bathroom you desire.

With a series of bathroom design options given, it is possible that you end up with a particular design that you really like. You can transform your bathroom into an appealing and comfortable one with the most appropriate design.

Start planning about how you want your bathroom to look like. Then you can pick any of these design options for greater results.