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Adding an EnSuite Bathroom to Your Bedroom

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  • 16-03-2017
Adding an EnSuite Bathroom to Your Bedroom

Adding an En-Suite Bathroom to Your Bedroom and Make Your Investment Worth It

Today, en suite bathroom is a trending home improvement project. Any renovation endeavour that you think would fit in your space should undergo a rigid planning process. You might have considered an en suite bathroom. But you may be thinking if it is really worth your investment. 

An en-suite bathroom is definitely worth investing in. You can start this project and make it worth your money and effort.  Once you do decide to add an en-suite bathroom you can get started with the planning procedure. 

Tiling your En-Suite Bathroom 

Once you have decided on the bathroom design, you will need to add high-quality tiling. There are many options available when choosing a style of tile. The colour and material of the tiles will reflect your individual style.

What You Should Consider for an En Suite Bathroom

Budget is the first thing to consider in adding an en suite bath space to your bedroom. A standard en suite costs between £3000 to  £4,000 but, if you prefer the luxurious type, the price can go up to  £ 20,000. The overall costs include amenities like electrics, materials, labour, decorations, tiles, flooring and a lot more. Therefore, if you're planning for this one, you should have money available. 

You're done with the budget, now consider the space. Is your bedroom spacious enough for an en suite bathroom? Come to think of it. Of course, you would not want to have a bathroom that is small as your closet. Thus, prior to any construction plan, you should see to it that you have space for the project. 

Let's say you do have a wide bedroom space good enough for a bathroom amenity. Your next move is to get a planning permission upon complying with the Building Regulations. Most homes do not require a planning permission. But conservation areas and listed buildings are quite strict. You may need to check the regulations when constructing an en suite. For properties that are at lease, it can be harder to get permission especially that the property is not really yours. 

Design Ideas for Your En Suite Bathroom

Make your home more appealing than ever with an en suite bathroom. When every detail goes with the plan, you will now have to think of the design. 

Do you want to adapt a traditional or a contemporary design for the bathroom? You choose. But make sure it matches with the overall theme of your bedroom. Each detail must be coordinated with each other.

Tiling options

The tiles that you choose can transform the look of your bathroom. You can decide on  natural stone, Glass, Mosaic, Ceramic or Porcelain tiling.When you have chosen your tiles, call  Ross Tiling Ltd  for expert tiling and advice on tile options.

Your plan of adding an en suite bathroom to your bedroom is truly worth your investment if you are after improving your lifestyle. You can add value to your home with this renovation idea. As long as everything is set up, the project can be successful.